Our mission is to enhance our clients day-to-day lives and fulfil their expectations by providing bespoke and unique lifestyle services, we take care of every aspect of our client's lives to give them back the luxury of time.



Lifestyle Changes

We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to choosing your Lifestyle manager. That’s why we invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have. 

When you go through a new change in your life, it can harbour a whole mix of emotions and challenges depending on the circumstance.  We can help you work through these new changes at your own pace and tailor our services to you individually. 


Bereavement and Divorce 

When you lose a loved one it can be a distressing and daunting time for you and our family. We can work with you at your own pace through possessions, to help you decide what to keep and what to let go. 


Moving house 

  • Decluttering to prepare you for house viewings and/or moving 

  • Packing or unpacking and organising 


Building work 

  • Pack up, labelling for your up coming build


New arriva

  • Creating space for a new arrival 

  • Sorting out a playroom for the new arrival

  • Assisting and designing the nursery for your new arrival 

Home and Property

Many people feel overwhelmed with the amount of things in their homes or office.  They are unsure of how to go about organising and putting systems to make it all work together.  Not to mention, if you have children, that adds another whole layer of complexity. Feeling overwhelmed often causes people to feel stuck, paralysed, and is the most common justification we use to stop moving forward.


  • Organising clothing   

  • Mastering the raft of children’s toys in bedrooms and playrooms  

  • Converting the spare room

  • Determine what’s still required and what’s no longer serving its purpose



  • Opening and categorising the mountain of post  

  • Confronting the fiddly jobs like the medicine cabinet, your jewellery collection or even “The Man Drawer” 

  • Devise storage solutions

  • Optimise the space you already have

  • Organising your photo collection (printed or electronic)



Business Services

Many people who work in their homes are so busy serving their clients and customers, they can’t find the extra time to review and organise their paperwork. Days go by, and important documents remain un-filed or in an ever increasing "to do pile". 

If you could use our help with home/office organisation, we can work side-by-side with you to sort through your paperwork and decide what to file and what to shred. We can create document retrieval and storage systems designed specifically for you so that you’ll always be able to find the information you need, exactly when you need it. With our extensive experience working as a PA and EA with multiple VPs and CEOs, we know the importance of time management and attention to detail. Further to this if you have any future travel plans personally or professionally, we can help you with planning and organising your travel, down to every detail. 

Our goal is to not only help you today, but also put easy systems in place to keep your office organised for the future!

Glass Jars
Image by Alexander Naglestad

Events Management Services

 We offer a bespoke and personal approach to Event Management; our highly experienced team can help produce and manage all types of events. From weddings to corporate dinners, PR launches and conferences to private parties, whatever your brief, we will ensure that your event runs seamlessly and smoothly. From finding your venue and generating event concepts right through to the on-site delivery and post-event reconciliation, our aim is to take the pressure off you, leaving you with more time and less stress, whilst we manage your logistics.

We are flexible and provide a bespoke service to every client. We can be as involved as you wish, taking on either all or only specific elements of the planning process.

Personal Desk

Other Services include: Home storage solutions / De-cluttering assistance / Space optimisation ideas / Kitchen design & planning / Downsizing & Home Moving preparation / Small Business or Home Office Organising / Paper & Electronic Data Management / Wardrobe & Closet Organising / Interior Redesign / Photo Management / Event Planning